OTA Wireless Customer Savings Calculator

Input Parameters

Please fill in the details below to calculate potential savings with OTA Wireless.

OTAW: 85% | LTE: 15%


Below are the calculated savings and financial metrics based on your input.

Monthly Total Bundled Cost: $0.00
Monthly Total LTE-only Cost: $0.00
New CapX Costs (cash outflow): $0.00
Years Until CapX Payback: 0.00
Total Savings Over Contract Period: $0.00
NPV (cash inflow): $0.00
Monthly Savings: $0.00
Annual Savings: $0.00


Initial Costs

Savings Over Contract Period

Bill of Materials (BOM) Breakdown

The BOM is calculated automatically based on the added cost per upgrade.

Tuner/Demod: $0
4G LTE Module: $0
Processor: $0
RAM: $0
Antenna: $0
Cabling: $0
Other: $0
Disclaimer: The Customer Savings Calculator provides estimated savings based on user-provided data. Results are for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed. Actual savings may vary due to changes in market prices, service rates, and usage patterns. The accuracy of the estimates depends on the data entered by the user. Use this tool at your own risk. The creators and distributors are not liable for any errors or damages resulting from its use. For detailed savings analysis, please contact our sales team.